Apprenticeship Training FAQ


What does a Cement Mason do?
Every day is different in the life of a Union Cement Mason. Cement Masons smooth and finish side walks, flat and rounded surfaces, and roadways. These individuals also align forms for sidewalks, curbs, or gutters and use saws to cut expansion joints.
What does a Plasterer do?
A plasterer is an individual who works with hand tools and a mud like substance known as plaster to form a layer of decorative molding on ceilings or walls.
Is there an age limit for the program?
To join the apprenticeship program the individual who is submitting an application must be eighteen years of age.
Do you need a high school diploma or GED?
To participate in this program one does need a high school diploma or GED.
Can I use public transportation to get to work or to the classes?
If an individual is interested in enrolling in the apprenticeship program they must have a valid driver license as well as reliable transportation.
What does the program cost?
Currently, there is no cost associated with the apprenticeship program. The only cost associated with the program is the amount spent on gas to commute to the job site.
How long does the apprenticeship program take to complete?
The apprenticeship program requires 440 class hours and 5600 hours of accredited work hours approved by management.


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